About Us

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Started in 1994, it is a voluntary organisation with operations in the rural regions of Tamil Nadu.  From initially focusing on health issues of the underprivileged, ASSCOD has gradually expanded its work to promote the social and economic development of people situated in rural locations through initiatives such as women empowerment. The major development activities are based on the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The heart of  our innovative approach is our CBO framework

Our Mission

ASSCOD’s mission is to empower rural women and their families through facilitating economic development, establishing educational opportunities, and enabling health improvements.

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Our Vision

ASSCOD's vision is to be able to facilitate all people in rural India to live in an economically developed society, where men and women from all castes have their social rights recognized, and have access to education and health services.

Over 4000 families helped by ASSCOD's initiatives

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