Empowerment is the strongest tool when it is used rightly.

An empowered individual should pave the way for others to experience a walk. When a woman achieves empowerment, their accomplishment doesn’t stop with her. It is extended to the growth of family as well as the society.

A chain of hope built by an empowered woman creates a better world. Mrs. Kamala Sekar, the mother of two is a successful Entrepreneur. She started her career in doll making in Irumanthangal … Read More

Toilets directly proportional to Education

An improved sanitation facilities paves way for living in a healthy environment.

A clean toilet ensures the health and consistent minds of children to attend school regularly.

In present days, visiting a toilet in school puts a big disgust in the face of students. The Infrastructure is significant in functional schools as it involves the future of many children pursuing their Education. Many Parents deny enrolling their children in government schools because of poor infrastructure facilities and lack of clean … Read More


ASSCOD recently started a project called “Rice to Challenge Initiative”.

We identified 3000 tribal families in Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu and those families are struggling hard for even 3 times food due to monsoon failure/job loss/poverty. So, Our idea is to provide rice for 3 months to the tribal families and to provide livelihood training/funding initiating livelihood activities and extending hand hold support for one year so that they will start to earn the money on their and to meet out … Read More