COVID-19 Activities


The Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown has affected people in many ways across the country. ASSCOD has been implementing a number of activities relating to COVID-19 prevention and to meet out food needs of the people affected by the lock down.In this context, planned a project that supported the COVID-19 prevention initiatives of Govt of Tamilnadu through the Block Development Office (BDO), Maduranthakam, Chengalpattu District

We provided dry ration kits to the health and sweepers of Karunguzhi Town Panchayat (34) and 163 Tribal people in Maduranthakam, Uthiramerur Taluks.

Distribution of oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders

ASSCOD joined hands with UnitedWay Chennai and provided 18 Oxygen Concentrators to Primary Health Centre – Covid Care Special Centre at Chengalpattu district and 5 Oxygen Concentrators to Primary Health Centre – Covid Care Special Centre at Manamballi Kanchipuram district.

Distribution of dry ration kits

ASSCOD in collaboration with PayPal Gives distributed 1208 dry ration kits to jobless auto/taxi drivers, widow women, tribal families, transgenders, sanitary workers at Chengalpattu and Kanchipuram district.

Distribution of KABASURA KUDINEER:

ASSCOD in collaboration with PayPal Gives provided Kabasura Kudineer to 932 people at Perunagar and 117 people at Manampathi, Kanchipuram district.

distribution of undergarments

Due to electrical fire, 17 rural family houses were destroyed. Based on their requirement ASSCOD along with Paypal Gives provided undergarments to the women.

Distribution of masks

The spread of COVID 19 can be curbed through mandatory use of masks. 200 N95 masks and 2000 Surgical Masks were distributed to the Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Manampathi, Kanchipuram district.

Health camp during covid-19

We conducted a health camp in Perunagar where 193 people from Perunagar and surrounding villages attended and got the medical advice and treatment. Eye screening was also done and provided spectacles to 83 eye patients to correct their eye sights. 23 patients were screened and underwent cataract surgery and recovered good eyesight.

●In the camp, we also conducted Vaccination drive which benefitted 103 people to get vaccinated.

●We brought 92 tribal women who don’t have access to medical care. Menstrual hygiene awareness was provided.

● Dry Ration Kits were provided to 91 tribal women.

one meal a day

In order to combat hunger during the pandemic, people residing in the streets of Chengalpattu were served one meal a day. 50 people were served in 46 days.

School Head Master receives electrical supplies from ASSCOD staff to electrify the school.

Education during covid-19

Due to COVID-19, the Government Schools have been closed since March 21. As the COVID lock down relaxation started gradually, Government plans to open Primary, Middle and Higher secondary schools from September onwards. As per the COVID 19 guidelines the schools need to be cleaned. But some of the schools lack funds to cleanse and maintain the infrastructure.

Government Middle School at Perunagar, Kancheepuram District:

As requested by the Head Master and teaching staff of the School, we have electrified the school and cleaned the School Premises that would benefit 90 children from very poor and lower caste families. Now, the school is electrified and lights and fans are fixed to provide conducive atmosphere to the children to focus on their studies.

CSI School Karunguzhi, Chengalpattu District:

As the School plans to introduce online education among the children from poor families, we donated Computer, Printer and other accessories. This will benefit to learn computer and to study through online in the future.

Beneficiary of ASSCOD – Mrs.Parimala w/o Shanmugam, Sethupattu, Perunagar, Uthiramerur Taluk Kancheepuram District

livelihood during covid-19

Rural Women Revolving Fund Programme (Women Economic Empowerment):

ASSCOD established a fund in January 2021 to help the rural women whose income generation activities were affected by COVID-19/Lockdown. This fund will serve only the women those who lost their livelihood due to COVID-19 lock down. An amount of Rs.50,000 each was given to 5 women from poor families whose livelihood activities were affected by COVID-19 . As the lockdown (Both first and second waves) put the families in economic stress, we helped the women members in the families to buy Milch animals to get milk which helps them to enrich their health and to earn a decent income through selling the excess milk.

As per the guidelines, we will be collecting the money back from the beneficiaries and same will be given to other members. This fund will grow and benefit more number of women. We will submit quarterly progress reports to the Donors those who contributed to this fund. We have used Rs.2, 50,000 from PayGives grant to benefit 5 women.