The Adivasi Scholarship Fund was set up in 2010, with seed money of Rs.2 lakhs contributed by friends and wellwishers. As more and more students reach university, the need for scholarships to support them is growing fast. Over the last year, 19 students have received scholarships for higher education. Many students prefer to work, alongside their studies.

2010 – 11
TotalScholarships Given


 NameVillage Course
1KarpagamAmbarvayalMA Tamil
2P ShantiMuchikunduB Lit Tamil
3R ShantiVazhavayalBcom
4MeenaPuliyamvayalB Lit Tamil
5ParvathiKariasholaBA Tamil
6VijayaKanchikolliB Lit Tamil
7S ShantiKariasholaBA Tamil
8ManikandanNambolankottaiB Lit Tamil
9ChandranNambolankottaiB Lit Tamil
10SarojaPannikollyB Lit Tamil
11ParvathiVeeramangaBA Tamil
12SaravananChomaraB Lit Tamil
13GirijaKapallaBA Tamil
14PrasadKootattuB Lit Tamil
15RadhaOnimoolaB Lit Tamil
16BinduNedungodeB Lit Tamil
17MeenakshiMelambalam12th Standard
18RamyaMelambalam10th Standard
19KumarKamarajnagarB Ed
20VijeshKarakuniM Tech
22RadhaKundalkadavu12th Standard
23SoumyaKottamoola12th Standard
24SavithriKottamoola12th Standard
25BabuThavumoolaB Lit Tamil
26SureshBoardB Lit Tamil
27SekarKadachankolliB Lit Tamil

Scholarships 2016-17

Scholarship Details 2016-2017

1N.SureshBBA Bharathiyar College ,KozhipalamfeeSreemadurai7320/-
2VasuBSc.Geography, Bharathiyar College, KozhipalamfeeSreemadurai10000/-
3M.VasuBSc.Geography, Bharathiyar College, KozhipalamfeeSreemadurai8320/-
4Vinoth KumarBSW  Bharathiyar College, KozhipalamfeeDevala7500/-
5Ambika9th Ambalamoola Govt SchoolUniform& Admission feeAyyankolly1750/-
6Renuka9th  Ambalamoola Govt SchoolUniform& Admission feeAyyankolly1750/-


3rd MSS Matriculation School,Uppatti

Vehicle feePonnani3000/-
8Jayasheelan1st  MSS Matriculation School,UppattiVehicle feePonnani3000/-