Study Centres

As the children who complete from the government schools may not be having a good academic background it is necessary that they attend tutorials when they come to the Higher secondary level. So wherever they require such support they need to be given the financial assistance for this. The group that is eligible for this support are students between class 8 and class 12 who already number over 450 and in fact by Year three the number of children in this group may be as high 600 as we continue to stem the drop outs. In the current year 96 children will complete class 10 and class 12. In the n ext years these numbers will increase to at least 200 children completing their education annually. This is definitely going to require us to set aside a substantial sum in the years to come as the numbers increase.

Prasath, a teacher trained by the trust decided that he would make sure all the children from his village would complete school. In order to achieve this, he started a study centre where the children could come and follow up on their school work. He helps them with any subject they don’t understand at school. He also uses sometime to conduct activities like story reading, games – indoor & outdoor, learning to use computer etc. In this way he ensures that there is a learning environment created in the study centre.

Realizing that having an environment which is conducive to learning, 2 more study centres have been started on request by children. These new centres function over weekends.