Toilets directly proportional to Education

An improved sanitation facilities paves way for living in a healthy environment.

A clean toilet ensures the health and consistent minds of children to attend school regularly.

In present days, visiting a toilet in school puts a big disgust in the face of students. The Infrastructure is significant in functional schools as it involves the future of many children pursuing their Education. Many Parents deny enrolling their children in government schools because of poor infrastructure facilities and lack of clean environment which has high chance of directly impacting the children’s health.

It’s high time that everyone should understand the importance and need of clean and functional toilets with good water facilities in the community. This has to be implemented in each and every school in the country which helps to accelerate people to send children to schools.

CSI Primary School for Girls Toilet at Karunguzhi, Chengalpattu district, TamilNadu.

 This is current status of a school sanitation facility in Karunguzhi, Chengalpattu district. This sadly reveals the condition of the children studying in this unhygiene environment.

In most of the government schools, the scenario is getting worse. Dropouts among girl children are increasing. To tackle this existing situation, toilets in schools should be examined regularly where the damaged ones should be renovated and the new ones should be constructed in case of unavailability. Sanitary vending machine should be installed. This will increase the enrolment of girl children.

All the students should be given awareness about the importance of sanitation and in maintaining the clean toilets in their home as well as in school for a safer environment.


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