Under the Mango Tree – Alumni Meeting

Lamp lighting, what do you remember? Before any good events, we started by lighting the lamp. Same way our meet was begun with a spark of light lit by the youngest one in the group.

Followed by a song “Mel padi chavanum..”
The room remained silent, when it was broken by an ‘ice breaking’ activity for us to feel free and comfortable.


A memory…….. It came alive when we visited our favourite mango tree and played a few games along with tea and snacks.

Back to the school……


1. Meetings to be held twice a year May and December.
2. What do we call this meeting and the suggestion came as “UNDER
3. Objectives of this meeting: To help each other in professionally as
well as personally. Help the community.
4) Questions rose
*How to follow up and involve other old students especially people in the
*How to raise funds for the meet? And whether we can save money to
help others who are in need?
*Can we have a T- shirt for our group?
*Wat’s app group: How to make the “UNDER THE MANGO TREE” wat’s app
group interesting and useful others
5. Guide lines “of the meet “: 1) Punctuality, 2) Usage of cell phones, 3)
Stay back for overnight (if possible)
6. Committee: We created a committee for keeping the group alive and
decided that they’ll take initiatives such as informing the group and plan
for next meet (Maya, Nithya, Prakash, Ramesh, Mani, Vennila)


We ended the first day with a sharing session where we updated each
other about ourselves after we left Vidyodaya.


The second day session started with two power point presentations
which were on VBVT activities along with another one on the elephant
project by Manikandan, Ramesh and Vishnu.

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